Friday, December 13, 2013

Marriage is like a fine wine...

It gets better with time. Jay Kay, I'm Mormon, I don't know anything about wine. But this morning I began to realize marriage really does get better with time. 

I'll set the scene: K is in the bathroom getting ready for work when he asks me, "What would you rather have--a fancy restaurant with not as good food, or a place with really good food but not as fancy." Our big Five year anniversary is next week, we both know there's no need to play coy with what he's talking about; instead, I just consider my options. The woman in me loves to get my fancy on every now and then. But the fat kid in me is much louder than the woman in me! Why be bashful, he knows me better than anyone. We've been together seven years now, I try to talk him into going out to eat on almost a daily basis. I may be cheap, but let's not forget how loud that fat kid is, restaurant food usually tastes better than home cooked food. If you don't believe that---you're lying to yourself! 

So I respond, "Honestly, I think I'd rather go to the place with better food." A smirk goes across K's face, "Okay good, because that's where I made the reservation."


Love that guy.