Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday FUN List!

Yesterday, we had a lesson in church about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We were promised that making changes to our Sunday to make it more Christ and family centered would give our family the added strength it needs to hold to our standards and help our children live IN the world, but not OF the world. Sometimes we get SO focused on telling our kids what they can't do on Sunday, we forget to remind them of all of the things they can do on Sunday to set it apart from any other day and dedicate it to the Lord.

Today, during quiet time/nap time, I decided to start a "Sunday FUN List!" that we can look to on Sunday for fun things we can do as a family. Enjoy!

Sunday FUN List!

Take a nap

Write a letter/draw a picture, send it!

Play a board game

Take a walk

Play with toys

Take a drive

Bake something (best CCC here!)

Read a book

Read scripture stories

Do something nice for another family

Drive to the temple

Visit family members

FaceTime/call family

Feed the missionaries

Drive around giving water or food to the homeless

Invite friends to dinner

Sing, play church music

Learn about family history/tell family stories

Use one of these resources 

I need more! What do you guys do on Sunday to set it apart from all the other days of the week? 

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